Yuvita is the largest apparel manufacturer of women's clothing in Belarus.

Since 1991 Our company with the collaboration of leading European fashion houses carries out orders on the production of the collections clothing for women and creating its own collections.

Yuvita owns it's own facility with more than thousand 21,528 ft.² with the showroom and the storage for 8000 pieces, designing facility which uses the most innovative automated system such as Consult and Investronica to design, construct and produce new styles; the latest equipment of the best producers in the world; solid team of highly skilled experts; Production capacity with more than thousand units a day; Multitask quality-control; Innovative most effective level of control and organization of labor.

Yuvita offers unique style as a result of confluence of styles of Western and Eastern European fashions, each of which is represented by the variety of sizes, the best natural and mixed fabrics which passed radiological and hygienic control of public requirements.

Yuvita quality was tested by trademarks and brand names such as: MAX, PROMISS, AUST, MISS ETAM, VOGELE, MARCO, STING, P&C, E5, MANOR, WITTEVEEN on the fulfillment of partner orders who Yuvita work with many years.

The prices of Yuvita product depends on the complexity of style, fabric composition and on quantities of utilized accessories.

The quality of the production is confirmed by the certificates of high-quality of Belarus and other countries.